Great Longstone, St. Giles Monuments

The old churchyard, surrounding the church building, is now closed to burials. The Longstone Local History Group made a plan of the old churchyard to identify the locations of the monuments. Click here to view the plan.

There two areas within the new churchyard opposite the church. The main burial area is laid out in rows running south to north (towards the edge), starting at the lych gate. The rows are:
Row 1 numbers 1 to 37
Row 2 numbers 38 to 80
PATH (West)
Row 3 numbers 81 to 126
Row 4 numbers 127 to 175
Row 5 numbers 176 to 226
Row 6 numbers 227 to 279
Row 7 numbers 280 to 334
PATH (Centre)
Row 8 numbers 335 to 394
Row 9 numbers 395 to 456
Row 10 numbers 457 to 519
Row 11 numbers 520 to 583
Row 12 numbers 584 to 648
Row 13 numbers 649 to 714
PATH (East)
Row 14 numbers 715 to 780
Row 15 numbers 781 to 846
Row 16 numbers 847 to 912

The cremated remains (ashes) area is along the south path leading from the lych gate. The numbering is sequential from the far end - the upright monument to Helen Clare Cox is number 99, nearest the lych gate.

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Click here to view new churchyard plan, with hover over monument to reveal surname.

Other local churchyards with the same search facility are at Wardlow, Ashford-in-the-Water, Sheldon, Edensor and Beeley

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